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New Arrival Items

Hi Everyone!!

We would like to round off the year 2013 with some brand new items uploaded in our website. Check out these cool new storage items and tools below:

For containers, we have a set of 12 round containers ideal for storing any loose flocking powder or glitters.

12pcs Round Empty Container Set

We've got 2 types of storage containers to store your rhinestones, studs, trinkets, nail tips or anything for that matter! Surely a big help in keeping your small items organized and tidy.

Accessories Storage Box - 11 Compartments

Nail Tips Numbered Storage Box

We have 2 sizes of storage wheels for your rhinestones, studs and glitters! Now you can easily keep those tiny nail art embellishments without any fear of losing them.

Accessories Storage Wheel - Small

Accessories Storage Wheel - Medium

Keen to practice your manicure skills but can't find any willing fingers?
Look no further for we have brand new practice fingers for you to try your skills on. These 'fingers' come without tips so you can stick on nail tips and get going.

Practice Fingers Without Tip

Here's something new!! These are nail polish protector clips which serves to protect your newly polished nails from scratches or smudges while drying. They come in a pack to 10 so you will have 1 for each finger.

Nail Polish Protector Clips

For those of you who love to dabble with acrylics, we have this nifty 5-in-1 acrylic brush set. Each with their attractively colorful body. Colors may vary from the photo though but they are all equally as gorgeous to look at and to use.

Acrylic Brush 5-in-1 Set

Happy Shopping....and A Very Happy New Year to you!!
Blessings from us at D.G.B