Why Shop with Us?

We carry authentic OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Zoya, Nubar, NCLA and many more brands with top quality at an affordable price. We too have affordable nail treatments and tools all at low price to benefit our customers with the concept of "Spending Less Getting More".
Have something in mind that's not in our online store? Contact us and let us try our very best to source for you!

More Categories in the store

As I myself is a shopaholic, I've discovered one after another suppliers and sites where they have basically everything in the site.

I have so many things in mind, items for plus size, men, to household products...!!

Yup, I am going to add in those categories and items that's interesting to me and bring them another step closer to my customer. This is so exciting!

However, as I only have a pair of hands here.. the progress will take some time...

In conjunction with Mother's Day celebration coming close, Deo Gloria Beauty store is offering 20% promotion on selected categories for your mom and also yourself (fashion accessories).

Most of the items especially clothing are mainly for pre-ordering only, thus, the closing day will be by 27th April (this friday) so that I can settle and send in orders this weekend. Estimate arrival of shipment will take less than two weeks to my store, and PosLaju will deliver within 2 days to your doorsteps once I post out after receiving full payment.

As for now, still more items to add in to the website.

Happy Shopping!!!

Special Discount of the day - 10% discount on ALL Ready Stock Nail Polish

Started by just thinking how could I make today a special day... and a thought of giving a special promotion to our fellow FB fans popped out - a 10% disc for ALL ready stock nail polishes.

It is something that I don't often do, because the profit margin for polishes are often lower. However, since I had a crazy craving in the middle of the night for Pizza... well, it will be fun to have a crazy promotion for polishes then. Hahaha

Another thought just struck me, how about the Nail Treatments? Oh yes, they should too on the 10% discount rate for sure!

As for Glitter Gal, we are currently selling it at a discounted price of RM38 and with this promotion there will be another 10% discount just for Today.

Happy Shopping and hope this will bring you great joy of a nail shopping day!

Full run on our eCommerce Site

Our eCommerce site is on full run now with payment gateway that allows direct checkout at shopping cart to payment. =)

Please proceed to our new website for order...

Eva S.