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New Items: 20th Oct 2013

We have finally added an acrylic nail polish wall display rack in our online store. And it's a Large size. Huray!!!!!  This acrylic wall display could hold 90-96 bottles of nail polishes depending on the bottle size of the brands. You can choose to either hang in on the wall with the two screws that come with it or, simply place it on the floor. And it's for sure you have to lean it against the wall to secure it. :P

You know I have thousands and millions of items I would want to have in the website but the short of hands and the tons of seminars, exhibitions, courses and yada yada actually took so much of our time away... It's just like a vampire who sucked out all the times we have and each day when we come to realise the time it's always (almost always) passed bedtime.

We are always here and there and everywhere physically but could not really get down in listing products up on time. That reminds me the few bottles of Butter London and NCLA nail lacquers (or we call it nail polish) that I've grabbed in an exhibition. Of course they are genuine as I got it with the NCLA licensed distributor Singapore. That should not even be the question.  =) I've posted them into our FB page but not here.
Hollywood Hills Hot Number

Lax Jet Setter

Glitter Riot

Just noticed not all the photos' background are white... ah.. doesn't really matter, right? The most important thing is the beauty in the bottle is shown clearly. Hollywood Hills Hot Number is so bling that hubby commented it's as though it's a disco light ball. I agree. It reminds me pretty much of China Glaze's Techno by looking at it at the first glance. The only different I can tell by looking at it is... NCLA's Hollywood Hills Hot Number look much more concentrated from the bottle. You can use it plain or layering on top of different base color that you desire.

Found this photo while googling for the best layering looking swatches and this came right to me (note: I do not own this photo, credit to the blogger who swatched it). You can layer more than one to get your desired look on your nails. Sometimes, less is best... too! Depends on occasions and depends on you.

Found another swatches done by another blogger, this is layered on a silvery base color. The outcome is pretty stunning. But I personally love the look of it on a darker base.

Glitter Riot, though it's name contains 'glitter'... doesn't really carry out the glittery look to me. Instead, it seems more sandy/muddy/beanny kinda effect for me. Sandy and Muddy mainly becos of the brown base, beanny as the black and white 'glitters' reminds me of red beans... I have no idea why. haha. But whosoever that love pastel polish, this would definitely suits you. So you get to enjoy the look of having glitter without too striking tones that doesn't suit you.

Lax Jet Setter, is a gun metal silvery gray polish. I belief it would bring out the effect of having nail wrap instead of nail polish. =)

Wow, this post took so much longer than the time I expected. Maybe that's why generally our DGB updates are kinda short LOL. Can I just upload the other few bottles of my Butter London without giving my opinion? Feeling so draggy here...

Ok, can't help but to write a little as photos could not fully show how pretty these colors are.

Dosh is a pretty apple green with super fine pink or red shimmer I can't really tell (yes it is that fine) along with green shimmer. Photo can't justify how pretty the combination of the base and shimmers are.

Fairy Lights
Fairy Light, super pretty pink and silver chrome effect polish. I can't tell you how much I love duo or more chrome polishes... It's so pretty that by just looking at the bottle could took my breath away.

Another chrome-ish Butter London polish I grabbed. I would say this is the Love at First Sight lacquer at the stop. Could not keep my eyes away from it. Extremely love the combination of sweet pink together with bluish/greenish chrome and holographic shimmer. I can't tell you exactly how many tones I see from the bottle... it's definitely more than 3.  I have to keep telling myself that this is the stock for purchase so I should not keep it for personal use. :'( It's really breathtaking...

Diamond Geezer

Diamond Geezer was grabbed by my aunt-in-law the moment I posted it on my facebook page. =)

That's all for my updates today. What a long draggy post. I myself personally have stop blogging for awhile. Now I gotto pick up my long lost hobby - blogging.. once again!!

And, happy Monday!