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HITS Phenomena Hits D.G.B

It's been sometime since I last written here. Well, pretty much busy with setting up products and categories by categories on DGB's website. Still, there's never an ending to updating products and ordering and etc. :p

Well, let's come back to the topic... The purpose of this post is to introduce a Brazilian nail polish Brand - HITS (Hits Speciallita). They have many collection but since it's my first shipment, I stick to something safe - a small parcel with only one collection.

Let's get to the picture right away... Hold your breath so you will not faint. *grin*

Some OPI Ready Stock I have in hand

Below are some of the stock of OPI nail polish that I have in hand (with very low stock level):-

Update: Some of these items are sold out at our store. Please check availability in our online shop for accuracy. 

Stamped Nail Art swatches

Here are some of the nail art swatches that I goggled by using nail art stamping tools... As mine will only coming in later, I shall admire these for the time being. =)

Note: These swatches are not mine, it's serves as reference purposes only.

Nail Art Stamping Machine

I have also added nail art stamping machine set into my website. It's possible to have your nails beautified in the comfort of your home!!

Click to view more product info and price at our eStore.

Introduce DGB | Your Fashion Closet

It's 4 and a half months since I'd written about the categories in our eStore.

We have also included the below categories into our website for your One Stop Shopping experience:-

More Categories in the store

As I myself is a shopaholic, I've discovered one after another suppliers and sites where they have basically everything in the site.

I have so many things in mind, items for plus size, men, to household products...!!

Yup, I am going to add in those categories and items that's interesting to me and bring them another step closer to my customer. This is so exciting!

However, as I only have a pair of hands here.. the progress will take some time...

In conjunction with Mother's Day celebration coming close, Deo Gloria Beauty store is offering 20% promotion on selected categories for your mom and also yourself (fashion accessories).

Most of the items especially clothing are mainly for pre-ordering only, thus, the closing day will be by 27th April (this friday) so that I can settle and send in orders this weekend. Estimate arrival of shipment will take less than two weeks to my store, and PosLaju will deliver within 2 days to your doorsteps once I post out after receiving full payment.

As for now, still more items to add in to the website.

Happy Shopping!!!

Special Discount of the day - 10% discount on ALL Ready Stock Nail Polish

Started by just thinking how could I make today a special day... and a thought of giving a special promotion to our fellow FB fans popped out - a 10% disc for ALL ready stock nail polishes.

It is something that I don't often do, because the profit margin for polishes are often lower. However, since I had a crazy craving in the middle of the night for Pizza... well, it will be fun to have a crazy promotion for polishes then. Hahaha

Another thought just struck me, how about the Nail Treatments? Oh yes, they should too on the 10% discount rate for sure!

As for Glitter Gal, we are currently selling it at a discounted price of RM38 and with this promotion there will be another 10% discount just for Today.

Happy Shopping and hope this will bring you great joy of a nail shopping day!

Full run on our eCommerce Site

Our eCommerce site is on full run now with payment gateway that allows direct checkout at shopping cart to payment. =)

Please proceed to our new website for order...

Eva S.

Trial run on our eCommerce Site

Finally!! Our eCommerce site is almost done! Other than the nail products are not updated yet... all the accessories and stuffs that a girl will like are all in.

Phew.. what a tiring three days to finally get them done.

Now you can place order by just clicking the shopping cart! Check out DeoGloriaBeauty.com.

By the way, we have registered under Deo Gloria Beauty as an importer and exporter of beauty products since Feb 2012. Do not be confused by the name that's different from nail polish malaysia. =)

Thank you for reading... it's already 5am here and I think I shall go... zzZzzZzzZZ

Signing off,

Eva S.

Glitter Gal Opening Promotion!

Finally our Glitter Gal 3D Holographic & Sparkle polishes has now arrived! There are a total of 55 bottles but I'd kept some of them for my own use. :P

We will be doing an opening promotion to welcome Glitter Gal on board into our nail polish collection list. =) Check out the information on our FB page.

Glitter Gal - On the Way to Malaysia

As I have written a few times that we are bringing in GG's Holographic and Sparkle polishes. Finally... it's been out from Australia and on the way to us now. We are expecting to receive the package of beautiful polishes by next week.

If you check on our earlier post, we had make some amendments on the item ordered. As I am running late here, you can check out the Coming really Soon Glitter Gal stock here.

For more info will update later. But, for those who are interested in purchasing any of the item listed in our FB.. fill in our Order Form and we will reserve the item for you after your payment.
Note: Each colors only have 3-6 quantities in stock.

Eva S.

38 National Women's Day Promotion 2012

A day has just passed without the blink of an eye... just notice 38 National Women's Day is approaching...

How about any purchase of RM80 and above FREE 1pc My Beauty Diary Strawberry Yogurt face mask (instead of getting it free with every RM120)?

Yup... I think it sounds good!

So here goes the Promotion detail:-
Nail Polish Malaysia 38 National Women's Day Promotion

Purchase a TOTAL of RM80 & above with us (Ready Stock only) and get yourself FREE 1pc of My Beauty Diary's Strawberry Yogurt Mask.

Purchase from:   Anytime now till 9th March 2012, 10pm.
Parcel out:          Monday, 12th March 2012 before 12pm.

p/s: This Strawberry Yogurt mask has a yummilicious yogurt smell that is so soothing and it actually tighten your skin after application. The excess moisture from the mask could be used to apply on your neck and even your elbow. =) I love the strawberry yogurt smell... If in the event of our Strawberry Yogurt mask is out, we will replace it with another flavor mask of the same brand.

Thank you so much for shopping with us, bringing better services with great products are always our aim of business.

Have a blessed day!

Eva S.

China Glaze Thunderbird swatches

This afternoon so happened I took out my China Glaze Thunderbird and noticed the beautiful color tone shown on the bottle. Could not help it but to snap some photo on it and show it to everyone here.

The finishing color of Thunderbird is rather a metallic maroon but the amazing color tone in the bottle is what I'd never seen even when I was applying it on my nails yesterday. Love it... love the color too.
With Flash

Without Flash

By the window


I'd ordered some quantities previously and it was sold out pretty fast... so I re-stock it this round and also got one for myself. =)

If you love this and would love to purchase this Thunderbird, you can fill up the Order Form and we will post out withink 1-2 working days after payment received. Since it's in our ready stock, it will arrive in your hand within a week. =)

Migrating into eCommerce shopping cart... soon!

Dear All,

It may seem confusing to you that we actually have website, blogspot and FB album for you to browse through the Ready Stock. If you notice in our blogspot and FB page there's a Our Store page that has some of our ready stock in it. It is also confusing to us on top of the extra effort and time to manage three different sites with the same quantity of stocks. Thus....

We are shifting to an eCommerce site for purchases, which means that will be easier for you all to browse through products as well as place order from us. However, that also requires lots of time and effort for us to enter all the products into the eCommerce system. So, please bear with us while we are at the stage of moving from blog and website selling into eCommerce shopping cart - Our Store page.

When the eCommerce site is launched, we will be charging the shipping fees based on the weight of the total parcel instead of charging fixed price. Additional information will be disclosed later.

Thanks for still reading on at this point, we appreciate all of you who'd browsed our website/blog/FB page especially those who had purchased with us. We strife to serve you even better in the future.

Eva S.

Effective of China Glaze New Pricing

 As we have been informing the changes of New Pricing of China Glaze, it has been officially effective from today onwards. If you are not aware of the update, do check it out here at our previous posts where we announced of the changed.

If you are low in budget and could not afford to get the CG items that you love, gather at least a 10 bottles of CG items (mixture of any color at our Ready Stock) and write in to us with your request. We will try our best to work out a price that both you and me will be happy about. (Note: ONLY valid for China Glaze Nail Polishes)

That's all for now!! We are heading out to Beauty Pro Expo Malaysia now. =) It's gonna be exciting! We will go hunt for some new items and brands and bring it closer to you.

Best Regards,
Eva S.

Coming Soon - 3D Holographic polishes by Glitter Gal

Dear all,

We'd just send in order to our AUS supplier to bring in Holographic nail polishes from Glitter Gal! It's gonna be another exciting time of waiting time for the parcel. Here's some information about the Holographic by the company:-

We use “true” holographic particles in our formulation. This one ingredient is 30 times more expensive than any other nail polish ingredient. Thus making our holographic nail polish the highest quality possible. You will notice the smoothness to the finish of polish, and reflective effects are amazing. They are also the “Big 3 Free”.

Many other companies have tried create holographics, but use the more affordable ingredients, which don’t give the polishes the same effect, we didn’t want to compromise on quality and wanted to deliver to our customers a true holographic formulation.

As the retail price of 9ml GG polishes are set at AUD11.96, we could not set the price at any lower. The price of 9ml Holo polishes will be set at RM45 each. However, as it is still quite new and also our very First Batch of GG holo polishes... we will be doing a promotion for the Opening Price at 15% for any 2pcs. We will announce the Promotion Code as well as listing the items in our Store soon. Do stay tune for more updates on our FB page.

Listed below are the items that we are bringing in for the First Round with quantity less than 6 each. We will only reserve to those who place order with complete payment.

10 to Midnight 3D Holo

Blue 3D Holo

Light Brown Sparkle

Copper 3D Holo

Dark Brown Sparkle

Frappe 3D Holo

Fuchsia 3D Holo

Green 3D Holo

Light as a Feather 3D Holo

Lizard Belly 3D Holo

Red 3D Holo

Silver 3D Holo


NEW Pricing of China Glaze items

For the entire day, I keep thinking that tomorrow will be 1st march. Not knowing that this is actually a leap year LOL. As we'd mentioned earlier,from March onwards we will adjust China Glaze's pricing. So, I sent out some emails reminding some customers today is the last day of purchasing China Glaze with the old price.

BIG Mistake!

Anyways, it's always a good news to have another day for customer to browse through our China Glaze ready stock and purchase what they love. =) Yup...

Here comes the new China Glaze pricing effective from 1st March 2012 onwards:-

Normal RM22 RM25
Crackle RM26 RM28
3D Effect RM25 RM28
Magnetix RM30
Magnet RM30

If you or your friends love China Glaze, check out our Ready Stock album and place your order asap to enjoy the Beautiful and Bold Colors of China Glaze at a lower price. Please Share the News! =)

OPI Halloween Spookettes swatches

Some days ago I somehow came across a blog that swatch on OPI's Halloween Spookettes mini set. The creativity of the blogger simply blown me away. I have never thought of fully utilizing the four nail colors and create something really amazing!

Though I love nail polishes and colors to the max, I can't draw. All I can do is just painting my nail like how normally people would do. Putting my lack of creativity a side, Leanne's ability to make nail art drawing is just amazing. Click on the link Here and... you will surely be blown away by her cute little pumpkins. The best part is, she will guide you step by steps how to have those cute little glow in the dark pumpkins on your nails. =)

Purchase at our Ready Stock page, while stock last!

Glitter Gal - Sneak Peak...

We are planning to bring in Glitter Gal nail polishes in mid March. Prices and details will be announced soon once we got things sort out. Check out Blogger All Lacquer Up for the review... and get yourself ready for another New Brand! =)

Nails - 3D Holographic

Unique to Glitter Gal is our truly extraordinary Australian 3D range of Holographic nail polishes.

A true high intensity multi-chromatic 3D/Holographic effect which captures light and reflects a full spectrum of vivid colour.  Nail Enamel that has created a blogging infatuation.  Formulated with the highest blend of ingredients, including our fine and intense holographic formula, to create the most superior product available today on the international nail polish market.  

Formaldehyde free, DPB free, Toluene free.

10 to Midnight 3D Holo

Black 3D Holo

Black Sparkle

Blue 3D Holo

Copper 3D Holo

Dark Brown Sparkle

Dark Purple 3D Holo

Frappe 3D Holo

Green 3D Holo

Light as a Feather 3D Holo

Lizard Belly 3D Holo

Marine Blue 3D Holo

Red 3D Holo


Silver 3D Holo


Suede 3D Holo