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New Arrivals: Manicure Tools (Ready Stock)

Below are some of the new items that just got listed into our website. Im trying to make this post really short so that I will be able to catch up with all my back logs. I will have to place new order soon for some of the out of stock items really soon. So allow me to just upload the photo without any extra information but click here to go directly to my online store. =)

Solingen Cuticle Nippers

MELODI Ultra Thin Breathable Nail Wrap

Have been busy getting the CSS code in this blog right for almost a week. Finally I am almost 100% happy with it now. =)

Let me introduce this pretty, colorful and super duper thin MELODI nail wrap to you. They are so colorful, creative and beautifully designed from the pattern to the packaging itself. I shall let the picture do the talking then...

Polymer Clay Wheel - a 3D nail art with 120% cuteness!!

I managed to list up some of it before I got myself into the blogging war (configuration of template in actual-read about it in my previous post of the link above). The colorful and cute polymer clay is the first that I managed to list after almost two days of 'slicing' the 'fruits', 'flowers', 'cartoons' and etc. Click here for the mailchimp ads I'd sent out.
Note: The photo above doesn't belong to me. :P

Random updates!

I have been working on the template since yesterday and finally got it done with help from a dear friend of mine. CSS is pretty new to me, understanding and being able to adjust accordingly was like a rocket science. :P After adjusting (playing) with it for two days, I think I understand it a little more than the day earlier. hahahaha...

Besides restructuring my blog post after it got abandoned for so long, I am also trying to pick up some Photoshop or Illustrator skill to create some marketing materials and etc. And all of these take almost like ages (to me :P) to get a hang of it although there was a new shipment that arrived last week, with quite a number of new arrival items including manicure & pedicure tools, cute nail wrap stickers and re-stocked items (yada yada...  obviously there's really a plenty of them).

Going to show you what I'd done for today... click here!