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Coming Soon - 3D Holographic polishes by Glitter Gal

Dear all,

We'd just send in order to our AUS supplier to bring in Holographic nail polishes from Glitter Gal! It's gonna be another exciting time of waiting time for the parcel. Here's some information about the Holographic by the company:-

We use “true” holographic particles in our formulation. This one ingredient is 30 times more expensive than any other nail polish ingredient. Thus making our holographic nail polish the highest quality possible. You will notice the smoothness to the finish of polish, and reflective effects are amazing. They are also the “Big 3 Free”.

Many other companies have tried create holographics, but use the more affordable ingredients, which don’t give the polishes the same effect, we didn’t want to compromise on quality and wanted to deliver to our customers a true holographic formulation.

As the retail price of 9ml GG polishes are set at AUD11.96, we could not set the price at any lower. The price of 9ml Holo polishes will be set at RM45 each. However, as it is still quite new and also our very First Batch of GG holo polishes... we will be doing a promotion for the Opening Price at 15% for any 2pcs. We will announce the Promotion Code as well as listing the items in our Store soon. Do stay tune for more updates on our FB page.

Listed below are the items that we are bringing in for the First Round with quantity less than 6 each. We will only reserve to those who place order with complete payment.

10 to Midnight 3D Holo

Blue 3D Holo

Light Brown Sparkle

Copper 3D Holo

Dark Brown Sparkle

Frappe 3D Holo

Fuchsia 3D Holo

Green 3D Holo

Light as a Feather 3D Holo

Lizard Belly 3D Holo

Red 3D Holo

Silver 3D Holo


NEW Pricing of China Glaze items

For the entire day, I keep thinking that tomorrow will be 1st march. Not knowing that this is actually a leap year LOL. As we'd mentioned earlier,from March onwards we will adjust China Glaze's pricing. So, I sent out some emails reminding some customers today is the last day of purchasing China Glaze with the old price.

BIG Mistake!

Anyways, it's always a good news to have another day for customer to browse through our China Glaze ready stock and purchase what they love. =) Yup...

Here comes the new China Glaze pricing effective from 1st March 2012 onwards:-

Normal RM22 RM25
Crackle RM26 RM28
3D Effect RM25 RM28
Magnetix RM30
Magnet RM30

If you or your friends love China Glaze, check out our Ready Stock album and place your order asap to enjoy the Beautiful and Bold Colors of China Glaze at a lower price. Please Share the News! =)

OPI Halloween Spookettes swatches

Some days ago I somehow came across a blog that swatch on OPI's Halloween Spookettes mini set. The creativity of the blogger simply blown me away. I have never thought of fully utilizing the four nail colors and create something really amazing!

Though I love nail polishes and colors to the max, I can't draw. All I can do is just painting my nail like how normally people would do. Putting my lack of creativity a side, Leanne's ability to make nail art drawing is just amazing. Click on the link Here and... you will surely be blown away by her cute little pumpkins. The best part is, she will guide you step by steps how to have those cute little glow in the dark pumpkins on your nails. =)

Purchase at our Ready Stock page, while stock last!

Glitter Gal - Sneak Peak...

We are planning to bring in Glitter Gal nail polishes in mid March. Prices and details will be announced soon once we got things sort out. Check out Blogger All Lacquer Up for the review... and get yourself ready for another New Brand! =)

Nails - 3D Holographic

Unique to Glitter Gal is our truly extraordinary Australian 3D range of Holographic nail polishes.

A true high intensity multi-chromatic 3D/Holographic effect which captures light and reflects a full spectrum of vivid colour.  Nail Enamel that has created a blogging infatuation.  Formulated with the highest blend of ingredients, including our fine and intense holographic formula, to create the most superior product available today on the international nail polish market.  

Formaldehyde free, DPB free, Toluene free.

10 to Midnight 3D Holo

Black 3D Holo

Black Sparkle

Blue 3D Holo

Copper 3D Holo

Dark Brown Sparkle

Dark Purple 3D Holo

Frappe 3D Holo

Green 3D Holo

Light as a Feather 3D Holo

Lizard Belly 3D Holo

Marine Blue 3D Holo

Red 3D Holo


Silver 3D Holo


Suede 3D Holo

Gift with Purchase Promotion - My Beauty Diary Face Mask

We are currently running a Gift with Purchase promotion in rewarding our customers.
For every purchase of RM120, you will be entitled to select any 1pc of our My Beauty Diary face masks collection below. Add in the My Beauty Diary mask of your choice in the Remarks/Note in the Order Form and we will post them together with your parcel.

White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask

 All Skin Types (esp. Dull-Looking Skin)
Whitening, Brightening

Platinum Nanocolloid Mask
All Skin Types (esp. Dull-Looking and Dehydrated Skin)
Moisturising, Whitening, Anti-aging

Mixed Berry Mask
 All Skin Types (esp. Un-even Skin Tone and Lack of Firmness Skin)
Brightening, Relaxing, Refreshing

Strawberry Yogurt Mask

All Skin Types (esp. Combination Skin)
Whitening, Oil Control, Clarifying

As for our free postage scheme is now changed to:-
FREE postage through PosDaftar with purchase from RM150 - RM199
FREE postage through PosLaju with purchase from RM200 and above.

Note: FREE Postage only apply to addresses within Malaysia. International order please write in for enquiry.

All Lacquered Up Fanatic Favorites 2011 – The Winners

Check out the All Lacuqered Up Fanatic Favorited 2011 winner list. Don't be surprised that China Glaze won quite a number of Categories based on the vote of the readers.

All Lacquered Up Fanatic Favorites 2011 – The Winners

Random: Batch 5, 6 and NEW Pricing of China Glaze

This is insane!! We are placing two batches of order at the same time and each contain at least a 100 items. And, we are still thinking of adding MORE! LOL...

YES, we love COLORS and could not help but wanting to see those beautiful colors right in front of us. This is gonna be another exciting waiting (for shipment) time.. though supplier have not charged to our card yet, I am already waiting for the new 'babies' to arrive. :P

Will need some time to upload all the Coming Soon babies (polishes, polishes and some treatment). This time round I'd ordered some Barrielle nail polishes just to try out and see how's the quality and all. Also, I ordered some CND polishes too. Would love to try their colors too.

I am personally a big fan of China Glaze, due to their bright and bold colors that always catch my attention. Though it is the cheapest nail polishes that we are selling thus far, the quality and colors always blow me away. It's not the lowest quality of nail polishes that we have. Honestly, it is indeed the opposite to me. Based on the current price given by our supplier, we have to increase the price of China Glaze polishes in order to earn some profit margin %. Guess we will have to re-adjust some pricing from March onwards then.

Yup, that's all for now. Will keep you guys updated on the both shipments.

Have a blessed day!

NPM Team

Essie Spring 2012 Collection

The Essie Spring 2012 collection will be upon us and what a better way to start the year's collections with some bright and vibrant new colors. This collection is a must have for all you Essie fans out there.

Essie Spring 2012 Collection

A Crewed Interest

Navigate Her

Ole Caliente

Orange, It's Obvious!

To Buy or not To Buy

Tour de Finance

OPI Holland Collection

OPI's Latest Collection NOW open for pre-order. If we could gather at least 20 bottles we will be able to place order sooner.
Price: RM30 each

Release date: 8th Feb 2012

Did You Hear Van Gogh

Dutch ya Just Love OPI

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

I Don't Give A Rotterdam

I Have A Herring Problem

Kiss Me On My Tulips

Pedal Faster Suzi

Red Lights Ahead... Where

Wooden Shoe Like to Know


Thanks A Windmillion

Roll with The Hague