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Random: Batch 5, 6 and NEW Pricing of China Glaze

This is insane!! We are placing two batches of order at the same time and each contain at least a 100 items. And, we are still thinking of adding MORE! LOL...

YES, we love COLORS and could not help but wanting to see those beautiful colors right in front of us. This is gonna be another exciting waiting (for shipment) time.. though supplier have not charged to our card yet, I am already waiting for the new 'babies' to arrive. :P

Will need some time to upload all the Coming Soon babies (polishes, polishes and some treatment). This time round I'd ordered some Barrielle nail polishes just to try out and see how's the quality and all. Also, I ordered some CND polishes too. Would love to try their colors too.

I am personally a big fan of China Glaze, due to their bright and bold colors that always catch my attention. Though it is the cheapest nail polishes that we are selling thus far, the quality and colors always blow me away. It's not the lowest quality of nail polishes that we have. Honestly, it is indeed the opposite to me. Based on the current price given by our supplier, we have to increase the price of China Glaze polishes in order to earn some profit margin %. Guess we will have to re-adjust some pricing from March onwards then.

Yup, that's all for now. Will keep you guys updated on the both shipments.

Have a blessed day!

NPM Team

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  1. Sadly to say that our Batch 6 still having some problems here and there. But Batch 5 is successfully paid and now waiting for supplier to send us the tracking number.

    For those who'd ordered OPI Holland collection (normal size) please be patient with us, we will try to sort things out by tonight. *finger cross*