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New Arrival: The month of November

We have added quite a number of new items into the website... but, due to the setting up of our barcode and inventory system we don't really have the time to post about the new updates like how we used to do. Sorry about that!

In the earlier post, I mentioned we have new 15 secs LED light and all-in-one soak off gel.... besides, we also have quite some new nail wraps, nail stickers and yada yada. Oh wait, also the ready stock of Orly and Seche polish. Yes, Seche do carry nail polishes... everyone is so trilled by Seche Vite and Seche Restore and sadly their nail polishes are overlooked.

Im gonna just post up some pictures here and there as if I were to upload all the photos it will take you at least 30minutes to read all of them. On top of that, I still have so much work to do in printing and sticking the barcodes for our inventory. (need to get things organised).

Alright, here we come...

Note: I can't put it any bigger for this photo. Do click on it to view it on your browser.

This Telisha soak off gel is a bottle of Top+Base+Color Gel ALL in ONE! YES!!!! There's no need of base and top coat and go through UV/LED light every single layer. I tried on two colors and it lasted more than 3 weeks!!! Yup you got it right, it's 3 weeks!!! I did not take a photo on my nail as my photo taking skill way too lousy as compared to the nail swatches out there so I dare not post it up so spoil the quality of the gel polish. It was quite easy to remove by just using a gel polish remover wrap for a good 10 minutes. (photo and product listing for this nail wrap will only be up later). As for the Telisha soak off gel, I have a few bottles of the ready stock in hand, check out the product name with (RS) in front.

The POWERFUL 15secs LED Light for gel polish
Words can't express how much I love about this LED light. I have one of course, to try out how powerful and efficient it is. And true enough... It really cures the gel in 15 secs!! Before the arrival of this LED light, I bought one UV light to test it out. The UV light lamp is huge, take out a lot of space... and worst of all, it took me more than 4 minutes for each layer! I can still feel the stickiness after more than 4 minutes of curing time. Even normal nail polish with seche vite never took that long.

So this 15 secs LED light was like a WOW to me!!! Love it to the maximum. It's also very light and small, you could just bring it anywhere with you as long as there's a socket to plug in. There's SIX colors for you to choose, which is your favourite?

Nail Art Stickers

There are Christmas Theme's nail art stickers too that were just newly added into the website. They are pretty cute though!! Just perfect for your Christmas-y nail art design.
Besides the Christmas theme stickers, there are quite a number of 3D Embroided stickers for nail design as well as some french tip stickers. I'll just upload few of the photos here.


Oh wait, there are some nail wraps too... Some of them have pretty unique designs.

Some of the pretty Orly polishes newly arrived in stock. (I know the write up of each section is getting shorter hahahah)

Elation Generation

Macabre Masquerade
Lavish Bash
Fight On
Sparkling Garbage

And finally, Seche polishes... =)

Not Easily Swept Away
Dainty Decadence
Take Chances

What a rojak (jumbled/mixed up) post. LOL. Well, time is so little where work is too much.. right? *grin*

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