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HITS Phenomena Hits D.G.B

It's been sometime since I last written here. Well, pretty much busy with setting up products and categories by categories on DGB's website. Still, there's never an ending to updating products and ordering and etc. :p

Well, let's come back to the topic... The purpose of this post is to introduce a Brazilian nail polish Brand - HITS (Hits Speciallita). They have many collection but since it's my first shipment, I stick to something safe - a small parcel with only one collection.

Let's get to the picture right away... Hold your breath so you will not faint. *grin*

Phenomena Collection

Phenomena is a collection of four pretty multichrome polishes that formed basically by tons and tons of multi colored chrome glitters in a 6ml bottle. Mentioned of 6ml you might be imagining a small tiny bottle, you are wrong! =) Their design of bottle and packaging will change your idea definitely!

 Moonbow, my favourite color among the four bottles. Each time I look at it and the image of  rainbow would appear. Can you imagine green, purple, orange, yellow and pink in a bottle? Simply breathtaking!!

Borealis is a combination mainly of Gold, Green and a little Blue glitter in a bottle. It contains less color tones as Moonbow. However, if you are a big fan of Gold glitter polishes... this is going to be your choice! It's also the easier to apply among the four as the glitters just come back much thicker than the others.
 Afterglow mainly consists of Blue and Purple glitters and a little bit of Orange touch. It's definitely gonna be the love of gals that love Blue/Purple!
 This is my second favourite in this collection that changes from Pink to Orange. The final effect on my nail is not as golden but more of orangy to pink.

Overall, this is totally new to me... glitter that forms the chrome... Wow! It might take a few more coats in order to have your nails fully covered. I did at least 4-5 coats... and the result was stunning. Hubby came back and said he saw my nail first when he entered the house last night. And even before we rest, he mentioned again... "wow, with such dim lighting... it is still so chrome..." =)

I will show the photo that I've taken using my Lumix below. But please take note that I am not a good photographer and the chrome could not be fully 'shown' in my pictures...

If you love chrome, give this a try.. It wont disappoint you! For sure!

Now im looking forward to Marimoon collection already - multichrome (no glitters).

Reviewed by:
Eva S.

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