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Polymer Clay Wheel - a 3D nail art with 120% cuteness!!

I managed to list up some of it before I got myself into the blogging war (configuration of template in actual-read about it in my previous post of the link above). The colorful and cute polymer clay is the first that I managed to list after almost two days of 'slicing' the 'fruits', 'flowers', 'cartoons' and etc. Click here for the mailchimp ads I'd sent out.
Note: The photo above doesn't belong to me. :P
Please bear with my not-so-clever-and-good photo taking and editing skill, the photo quality is really not something to shout about. The brightness and cuteness of each one of the polymer clay are not justified in all the photos I've taken, they are 10 times pretties and cuter. :P

I'm showing some of the photos that I've taken with my Samsung Note 2. Forgive me the poor lighting and resolution. Im still yet to master the photo taking skill.

 I named this as Dessert Bar, you will be amazed how fine each tiny line of the ice cream and cupcakes. Looking so supellicious!!

This I named it Cartoon World, as you can see there are quite some cartoon characters as well as animals in it. The Koala Bear is just.... too CUTE!!

Fruits Salad are definitely something not to be missed! Look at how real the orange slices are at the left bottom of the photo. They are too real I was so tempted to eat them up while slicing them. :P

Here comes some random design that could not fit into the above categories, I say they are quite The Random Platter. Check out there's even easter eggs in this batch.

All the wheel comes with 180pcs in total of 12 different compartments filled with approximately 15pcs of each design. Above is the Floral Basket and the flowers are PRETTY!!

Purchase the nail art polymer clay wheel here or click on the 'Our Online Shop' tab to browse through our website.

Note: The polymer clay are suppose to be used by nail glue, which I totally forgot to purchase. Will get it in our next shipment placement. If you would like to receive the email notification of products from us, please don't forget to subscribe to our eNewsletter and Like our Facebook fan page.

There's one picture I googled that's almost similar to those design that I have in hand. Click to view.

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