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NEW Arrival: OPI Bond Girls Collection

After all, my Bond Girls arrived... =) Better late than never, at least I think so. :P Well, apparently Solitaire is the most polish among the collection that my currently supplier had sold out all the lovely white Solitaires. However, as resourceful as I am... I will still be able to source for it if I have request though.

So, these pretty liquid sand polishes are available now at my online store... Only brought in one set as ready stock. If you could not grab them on time, it is still possible to pre order them. If you dislike the waiting time, do purchase them NOW! :P


Pussy Galore

Tiffany Case


Honey Ryder


Below photos are swatches that I googled online and serve as referencing purposes only. I do NOT own these swatches and credit to the bloggers who swatched them. =) 

- Tiffany Case -

- Honey Ryder -

- Jinx - 

- Pussy Galore -

 - Vesper - 

- Solitaire - 

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