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Pre Order 130829 Update #1

Wasn't fully well on the Monday, so I finally gotten the pre order sorted and paid to two of my suppliers through PayPal. Now awaiting the release of fund from my PayPal account for them to ship out the shipments. Yeah, to keep my cost low at all time... I don't just source from one supplier but few. That's why some times my ETA took longer and that's why I closed down pre order batches earlier when I was working a full time job and doing this as a part time. Imagine I took almost two full days to sort out this item purchase from who, and the best way to save the shipping cost.

If only I could just place everything under one roof, right? I hope that would happen pretty soon.

This time I'm also trying to go through forwarding company instead of shipping through USPS Priority Mail. Yet to find out what's the total shipping cost would cost me by shipping through FedEx. If all goes well, we will no longer have to wait 2-3 weeks for the shipment to arrive. Instead, within 2 week customer would be able to receive parcels from me. It's definitely a good news! However, we shall we what's the shipping cost I will have to spend this round.

Knowing the RM currency dropped badly and the rate I paid for the PayPal was almost USD1 to MYR3.40. It's quite a pain in the ass I would say. Pray that the USD will not go any higher and MYR any lower, else... I will not be able to sustain the business by selling OPI ONLY at RM33 where the Retail Price is RM63 is the Malaysia Market. It was previously sold at RM59 each bottle and then an increase of RM4 due to the increase price of US shipping rate back then. Now the drop of Ringgit Malaysia, I'm wondering if they could still maintain the retail price of RM63 or they are going to increase the price again.

As for DGB, we might have to increase our selling price soon if MYR continue to drop. Let's hope that would not happen and we will be able to stick to the price from RM33 per bottle.

Alright, now it's time to restock some nail art tools, acrylic paint and etc that's just been restocked and yet sold out.

Have a great Wednesday!!!
~ Eva ~

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