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Home DIY Gel Polish Manicure

I've finally come down to blogging about how to have your manicure last more than 2 weeks by just doing a your simple home manicure session on your own.

Soak off gel, unlike the earlier generation of UV gel manicure where you will need a flat brush while 'dripping' your gel onto your nail is much simpler and trouble free in comparison. You can basically 'soak off' your gel polish by wrapping aka soaking the acetone on your nails. Ok, maybe it's easier to just go through the basic steps one by one instead. =) We will start the steps with clean nails:-

STEP 1:  Oil Free - Make sure your nail is entirely oil free. Wash with hand soap and make sure you rinse it thoroughly. Any substance on your nail might affect the duration of the gel polish on your nail.

STEP 2: Nail Shaping - In this session you will have to do a basic manicure without applying cuticle oil on your finger nor nail. This is CRUCIAL. Remember, No Substance on the nail...! You can apply the cuticle oil once your manicure is completed.

Here are some tools you will need in this session:-

STEP 2.1:  Make sure your grown nail are away from your cuticle.  This is essential to avoid the gel polish from sticking onto your finger. You can also use the tip of the cuticle pusher to remove the excess gel polish before curing under the led light.

STEP 2.2:  Nip off the dead skin and excess skin from your finger.

STEP 2.3:   File your nail tip shape according to your preference - Straight or Oval. This file is only used for tip shaping (strictly not filing on your nail surface or it will badly damage your nail).

STEP 2.4:  At this point of time there will be filing debris all over your finger. Again, I remind you... NO water or any other substance - just use this Manicure Cleaning Brush to brush out the debris on your nails and fingers will do. =)

STEP 2.5:   This is ONE of the MOST important tool you will need in a gel manicure. You will have to lightly file the surface of your nails. This step is the exact opposite of doing a normal polish manicure. Normal polish you will need to buff to a smooth nail surface to complete the look, where in gel... a smooth nail surface just won't hold the gel. =) Therefore, it is a very essential step where you actually file every part of your nail surface... e-ve-ry single part of your nail! (File it gently, you dont have to file off your entire nail ) *giggles*

STEP 2.6:  Then, use your Manicure Clean up Brush again.. to brush off the debris. After this step, your gel polish manicure is close to completion. :)

STEP 3:  Gel Polish - Choose the Telisha Soak Off Gel polish of your choice. I would highly recommend this All-in-One Soak Off Gel. As this is so far the only soak off gel that incorporated base and top coat into one bottle with the gel polish. The most you will need is to be in and out of the LED light three times for one hand unlike having to do through one layer of :-

base coat - led light - wipe off excess gel - one layer gel polish - led light - another layer gel polish - led light - top coat - led light - wipe off excess gel. 

This Telisha All-in-One Gel Polish is a saviour to all gel polish lover who enjoys doing their own manicure at the comfort of their home.

The application process is shorten to just one layer gel color - led light - one layer gel color - led light and you are DONE!! =) 

You may like it three layers for certain color base on the formula. But, HEY.. it's so much simpler and trouble free. Besides saving tons of your time, you save cost in purchase extra items too.

Telisha has more than a 100 colors, we have only listed the ready stock items on our website thus far. If you are interested in any other colors we shown in the poster, do let us know and we will place pre order for you.

STEP 4:  LED Lamp - There are UV lamp commonly sold in the market and most of them are lower price than LED light. But, bear in mind it will take at least 4-6 minutes for EVERY LAYER of your application. Scroll back up to the application process of normal soak off gel that requires base coat and top coat, you can do the maths how many 4-6 minutes you will need for one layer of application plus the time you will need to also take the acetone to wipe off the excess base and top coat. This LED lamp that I am so proud to have in my web store will only take 30 seconds of your precious time of each layer. YES.. ONLY 30 seconds! It makes your home gel manicure session much much much shorter. You will be able to enjoy your gel manicure session much better than using a UV lamp to cure your soak off gel. The only draw back of this LED lamp is... It only cures LED gel polish aka soak off gel, however, UV lamp could cure both UV and LED lamp (at the 4-6 minutes curing time).

I personally love soak off gel, and since Telisha all-in-one could provide me such convenience that could be cured under 30secs a layer.. these two combo have become my top favourite!

STEP 5:  Removal.  Removing gel polish could be pain in the xxx for many... but not until the birth of our 'Soak Off Gel Removal Wrap'.  Just spare less than 5 minutes using the black sponge filer to file off the top surface of your nail so that the acetone in the removal wrap could penetrate into the gel polish and 'soften' the gel.  (Refer to the photo instructions on the removal process.)

Now, that's all for the process and tools needed for a home diy gel manicure. =) It's already a very long post to read on. Have fun doing your home gel manicure! Click on the photo above to purchase the respective items from our web store for your home gel mani now! =)

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