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MELODI Ultra Thin Breathable Nail Wrap

Have been busy getting the CSS code in this blog right for almost a week. Finally I am almost 100% happy with it now. =)

Let me introduce this pretty, colorful and super duper thin MELODI nail wrap to you. They are so colorful, creative and beautifully designed from the pattern to the packaging itself. I shall let the picture do the talking then...

MDP Series each nail comes with different designs - 7 sizes/patterns for one hand. ^^ So each set is a like a series on itself, and this new collection is sealed for the purpose of longer 'shelf life'... cool huh?

Besides the MDP Series, S Series also come with varies pattern in a set of the same theme. And they are really cute!

The video tutorial below will demonstrate how to apply this super thin nail wrap without seeing the sticker being torn in the wrong place. It might be difficult if it's your first time using it. Believe me, practice Do makes perfect! You might want to watch it a couple of times just to ensure you got the steps right? And if you do waste any piece of them, don't panic. Just get another closer size to that particular nail will do.  :P

This video is the courtesy of MELODI nail wrap, please use wisely.

Click on the photo below to view it for yourself at our online store!

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